Cloud Computing Risks Identified

Reading through this article on CIOZone - - I realize my intuition on most (32 of the 35 points) was right. This is a good checklist for those that are considering incorporating cloud computing into their infrastructure. (Link to full report is below)

How many were you aware of?
How have you addressed them?

The 24 items SPECIFIC to cloud computing are:
Policy and Organizational Risks
Loss of Governance
Compliance Challenges
Reputational Damage
Service Termination
Supply Chain Failure
Technical Risks
Resource Exhaustion
Isolation Failure
Malicious Insider
Interface Compromise
Interception of Data
Data Leakage
Ineffective Data Deletion
Economic DoS
Loss of Encryption Keys
Malicious Probes
Service Engine
Customer Hardening
Legal Risks
Multiple Jurisdictions
Data Protection

This list was created as part of a report from the European Union's European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) last week.

Link to the full 123 page report, including practical recommendations -