Privileged Identity Management in the Cloud - Scalable Security Practices for Cloud Providers

Attached is my latest whitepaper on Cloud Security.

Cloud computing presents great opportunities for businesses and organizations to control costs
and better align IT assets with business goals by using modern on-demand computing
resources. Choosing an appropriate Cloud computing Service can be a complex decision.
Providers of Cloud services can reduce barriers to adoption by demonstrating their capability to
properly secure their clients’ data and applications. One key area of Cloud security is the
management of privileged accounts. A proven, automated, and scalable solution is available
today for public Cloud providers as well as private Cloud architects. Additionally, transparent
security models with a self-service auditing portal will add value to existing Cloud services and
assist with compliance verification.

Also included:
The Limited Value of a SAS 70 Type II Audit Report

Cloud-Security-WhitePaper-Apr2010.pdf1.03 MB