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Sorry, I haven't added a blog entry in several years.
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ICANN Board Approves Chinese IDNs

The ICANN Board has approved three new Chinese ccTLDs that will facilitate Internet access for roughly a billion people whose primary language is Chinese.

My Services - How I Can Help You

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Multi-Tenancy in the Cloud: Why it Matters

Multi-Tenancy in the Cloud: Why it Matters - Whether an IT organization is going with public or private clouds, it's important to understand the nuances of multi-tenant architecture. For public clouds, IT managers need to understand the degree of multi-tenancy supported by whichever vendor they are looking at. For private clouds, the entire responsibility of designing a multi-tenant architecture rests with the IT managers. [CIO Cloud Computing News]

Lowering the Barrier to Security and Compliance in the Cloud

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Thursday, April 29, 2010
2:00 PM ET | 1:00 PM CT | 11:00 AM PT

Gartner predicts the worldwide market for Cloud computing is increasing from $45 Billion in 2009 to $150 Billion in 2013. In addition, by 2012, “20% of businesses will own no IT assets.”

Congrats to Marten Mickos, new CEO of Eucalyptus.

It's great to see Marten take the reigns of Eucalyptus. This can only mean good things for the company and the Cloud industry.

As the emerging leader of an open source option for private clouds, Eucalyptus is well poised to do some great things. With the heritage of University of California, Santa Barbara and the leadership of Marten Mickos, we are in for a exciting ride.


Oracle's Offers for Cloud Computing

I attended the first North American Oracle Cloud Computing Forum yesterday in West Hollywood, CA.

The 2 takeaways were:
- Oracle has started offering their DB and App products on cloud service providers like Amazon.
-- Deploy. You can use, download, and build AMIs using your own Oracle licenses or use the provided licensed AMI's at a higher cost.
-- Backup. You can also (and should) backup your Oracle database to the cloud right now.

I'll be watching for more Oracle products and services coming soon.

- The big push was for building private Platform as a Service (PaaS) clouds with Oracle/Sun infrastructure. This is the the sweet spot for Oracle/Sun with enterprise customers who have apps/policies that are just not ready or able to move to the cloud - maybe never. So take advantage of the technologies and techniques used by public clouds in your own datacenter.

Startup Links VMware with Amazon to Create Secure Cloud Storage

NasunilogoNasunilogoThis is quite innovative. Addressing 2 of the top barriers to adoption, Nasuni gains a foothold in the competitive online storage arena.

Oracle Launches Worldwide Cloud-Computing Tour

Larry and team are off and running with Cloud Computing.

I thought it would take a little longer, but I was expecting this from Oracle, despite the famous clip What the Hell is Cloud Computing? I still find this very funny (laughing with, not at, ... mostly).

Trend and Demand for Cloud Security

Security is still at or near the top of the list of many survey results for barriers to adoption of public Cloud Computing. This presents both a challenge and opportunity for providers of cloud-based services and products.

The insatiable demand for cloud computing solutions will economically drive providers to innovate and create an acceptable answer to security in the cloud.

At the same time, scientists are just as motivated to gain fame in this space.

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