40th Anniversary of the Internet

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The 40th Anniversary of the Internet
Oct 29, 2009

Len Kleinrock, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, UCLA Engineering opened with comments.
(The slides went fast but here are some notes:)
- 1960 - Leichliter - ARPA guy had a vision of a Galactic Network Theory of packet networks.
- In 1908, Nikola Tesla predicted a world that very closely resembles the Internet
- First message was LO (the system crashed upon type the G - for LOGIN)
- Charlie talked to Bill over the phone from UCLA to SRI
- 1.6B people now on the net
- Graph: Number of people and percentage from different countries
- Graph: Time to take apps to reach 50M users - radio, TV, FB LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
- Mobility and the Long Reach
- Urban nomads - defined by what they DON'T carry because they know or expect access everywhere
- Applications are ahead of the technology
- Location Based Services - on your Fingernails
- mass personalization, video addiction, LBS, smart spaces

Nicholas Negroponte
- "The internet as a weapon of mass instruction"
- One Laptop per Child:
- In cambodia - village kids got laptops, charged them at school - took home - was the brightest light in the home - it illuminated the room.
- Uruguay - a teacher asked for early retirement when she heard the laptops and connectivity were coming. Then she changed her mind; created a postage stamp for OLPC.
- 1.1M now in the hands of children in 31 countries
- Can load 100 ebooks - trojan horse model
- Challenges; theft, maintenance, misuse

Arianna Huffington
- Grassroots efforts on the internet is only successful if the message is clear.

Isaac Mao
- Asked Google to NOT censor it's content in China.

John Taylor, Duran Duran
- Music purist that enjoys listening to vinyl but also exploits technology to enjoy music

John Perry Barlow, EFF
- "The internet is the best technological advancement since the capture of fire"
- Social Shifts:
-- Bar fights are now thwarted by Googling the right answer to an argument
-- It's easy to get a girl's email address; now must impress her with eloquence online to get her phone number.

Mike Morhaime, Frank Pearce, Blizzard Entertainment
- History of World of Warcraft and battle.net
- 4000 employees globally, 2500 for customer support
- 11M users paying $30/month
- Coming: Appstore-lie model to create platform to host users' content/games
- "If you let them come, they will build it." - John Barlow
- Q: "Do you feel a need to provide a social good with the large user community you've built?" A: Our main intent is to entertain.

Regina E. Dugan, DARPA
- Darpa challenge - locate 10 balloons and win $40K
- Call for service to the nation; need more scientists to help

Chris Dominguez, getback.com
- 30% total time spent online
- $22B online ad spend
- 10% of total media ad spend

Shiva Shivakumar, Google
- Cloud Computing
- Google data center produces its own cloud with the cooling systems on top of the building.
- There is a world market for 5 computers - T.J. Watson, IBM 1943
- Much misinformation on Google Cloud - Crossover comments between Google Apps vs Google App Engine (portability,

Sol Lipman, 12seconds.tv
- Cross between YouTube and Twitter
- Brings humanity to the internet
- 12 second maximum length

Thomas Gewecke, Warner Brothers
- Impact of Internet on Media
- Making old or low-volume content available by DVD pressed on demand

Gary Bridge, Cisco
- Where is technology going?
- An incredible trajectory of: Video, Mobile devices, platforms, unified communications, multimedia
- What will we do with the technology?
- World population trends are forcing us to delay retirement, decrease benefits, or increase productivity
- Collaboration will enable the necessary productivity

Kevin Kimberlin, Spencer Trask and Co.
- Wave Division Multiplexing allows 100,000 more bandwidth over fiber
- Recent demonstration of moving 1PB in 12 hours
- icarpool com, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy won $50K for congestion challenge

Sam Lessin, Drop.io
- Value of information is based on its scarcity
- AWS = a Metropolis due to cost sharing and compounding return on centralized scale
- Breakdown of APIs could cause the next financial crisis

Mark Bregman, Symantec
- Hacking evolved from graffiti to a professionalization of cyber-crime
- 90% of email is SPAM
- Cyber-crime market exceeds the illegal drug market
- 1.6M malware signatures in 2008 - more than the cumulative prior 16 years - can't keep up
- Using heuristics, behavioral, reputation base

Josh Green, Mohr Davidow Ventures
- Today's challenges include needing 5million uniques for a VC to be interested
- The bubble is not coming back
- Opportunity is large online (mostly mobile); fast growth and user acquisition models, multiple viable monetization models, low capital requirements, fail early and often.
- Funding Social gaming, Enterprise collaboration, Virtual goods

- Len says there is a lack of architecture in the internet to allow authentication of user and file identity. It wasn't needed or foreseen at the beginning.