System Integrators for the Cloud

I post a quick snapshot of some research on the larger System Integrator/System Outsourcers:


Seems to be the furthest along with developing services for cloud computing.
Services: Development and Test, Information Workloads, Desktop Workloads, Collaboration, Infrastructure Services, Business Service, Cloud Consulting Services
Systems: CloudBurst - private cloud; Business Analytics; Archive
"Industrialization of the datacenter"

Contact: Mike Hill, VP of Cloud Services

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Services: Workshop and Roadmap; Related: design, security, migration
Good workshop framework: Strategy, Needs analysis, Quick Wins, Coud Economics, The journey, Infrastructure, Security and Risk

Contact: Rebecca Lawson, Dir of Service mgt and Cloud Solutions(HP), Scott McClellan, VP and CT of Scalable computing and insfrastructure(HP Technology Solutions), Norman Lindsey(Chief Arch of Flexible Computing solutions, EDS)

Customer success story: Infrastructure provider, Terremark, chose AMD-based DL 585 and DL385 G5 systems.

- Accenture
Assessment Tool, Accelerator(3-6 wk), Action Plan;
Accenture believes that the IT department of large organizations will continue to supply the majority of IT services, especially those enabling core business functions.
CIOs should: Build the business case first for each job that will use the cloud; Be selective in targeting users; Take initial steps toward an internal cloud
Good candidate projects now: Batch and data-intensive applications; Software development and testing; Research and development; Business continuity and disaster recovery; Desktop productivity tools; Peak load demands
Application and Infrastructure Outsourcing

Contact: Don Rippert, CTO; Joseph Tobolski, Labs

- CSC- Trusted Cloud: secure transactions, transparent control, evidence-based confidence of proper operations.
Using (VMware partner) Terremark's NAP in Culpeper, VA to host gov't classified data.
Infrastructure Services: Compute, storage, and hosting with Terremark
SaaS: Mail and Collab with MS BPOS and Google Apps
Application Platform Services-Desktop
Orchestration Services

Contacts: Ron Knode, Global Director Security Services, Brian Boruff, VP Cloud Computing, Yogesh Khanna

- Deloitte - Autonomic service architecture for ecosystem-scaled platforms (big) using new architecture components such as interaction container and externalized
policy engine.

Cloud Strategy, integration, and migration
Data governance and policy management
Security, Risk, and Privacy services - setting risk balance
Tax Strategies

Contact: Chris Weitz, director