Happy Birthday Internet - You're 40!

It only took 3 characters to crash the first computer on the Internet. Have we gotten any better?
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AWS is Driving for the Enterprise

The continuing evolution of AWS is now ready for the Enterprise - according to Dr Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon Web Services. Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud seems to be one of the main reasons enterprises are looking at AWS now. Partial solutions for security, privacy, and compliance are also emerging but need much more maturity. Even Mike Culver admits they are not using the publicly available AWS for very much since it is a legacy application.

Cloudera Desktop

At the LA Hadoop Meetup, they introduced Cloudera Desktop - A unified user interface for users and operators of Hadoop clusters.

It is a free, browser based tool that runs against a web server you install on/near your local Hadoop cluster.

- Job Browser
- Cluster Health monitor
- Job Designer
- File Browser

Some of the technologies used to create this app:
- Django Python Web framework on CherryPy Python web server

Structure 08

Structure 08 was a conference for web 2.0 computing trends sponsored by GigaOm.


I researched Qtask today. Thanks to Sanjeev for the background, demo, and discussion.

What is Cloud Computing?

Like "Internet", "Web", "Web 2.0", and now "Cloud", some words are used as a handle to grasp a lot of meaning very simply. That doesn't imply the information is simple. In fact, it is quite complex. But a communication shortcut can be very valuable when your time is finite. These words contain a broad spectrum of meaning. So depending on what portion of the spectrum you find interesting or want to promote, that is what the Cloud is - to you - and, therefore, others. That's why you get so many different definitions for these words.

CloudCamp Los Angeles - Sep 2009

Approximately 125 Cloud computing enthusiasts gathered Wednesday night for the inaugural meeting known as CloudCamp. CloudCamp was formed to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing. CloudCamp was instigated by Reuven Cohen. The format was developed by Dave Nielsen. These co-founders started these events in 2008 and have attracted several thousands of attendees to these evening grassroots meetups all around the world. Git URself 2 1.

Local Organizers: LA OrganizersLA Organizers
- Jon Cline - C-Level Management, Inc.
- Uri Budnik - RightScale
- Michael Fairchild- ATT Interactive
- Steve Staso -
- Daniel Egan - Microsoft
- Alec Asvadi - Xiova, Inc.
- Igor Edelman


Lightning Round: 5 minute presentations
The Microsoft Cloud:MicrosoftMicrosoft
by: David Chou, Architect
Private = Own your car
Infrastructure = Rent a car
Platform = Public transportation
Azure Overview - cloud fabric among the Microsoft datacenters

“Stories from the Trenches”: RightScale teamRightScale team
by: Uri Budnik, RightScale
Web-based multi-Cloud Management Platform to automate scaling, network bandwidth, etc.
Animoto, Playfish, Sling Media and TC3 are successful implementations of RS for things like constant computing, annual cycle, daily cycle, and stress testing.

UnPanel: (Audience members are chosen to answer 1 question from the audience)
1. I have 20 servers and good employees. Why should I use the cloud?
For some, "Cloud" means "buy my product".
Suggestion; Before you buy your next server, try it out.

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